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Japan Service is globally known for its services and air network. Functioning in more than 220 destinations all over the world in 35 countries Japan Airlines Limited (JAL) is the parent organization of Japan Airlines and other air services which are ZIPAIR Tokyo, JAL Express, J-Air, Ryukyu Air Commuter.

Headquarter Office of Japan Airlines Customer Service

The headquarter of Japan Airlines Services is located in Tokyo. It was started in 1951 and became the national airline of Japan in 1953. After serving millions of passengers for decades as the national airline, In 1987 Japan Airlines turned into a private organization and merged with Japan Air system in 2002.

Services offered by Japan Airlines Services

Japan Airlines offers both international and domestic air services. Japan Airlines offer all three class in domestic service which includes First class, Executive Class and Economy class. All three class offers three different kinds of experience. The First-class offers leather seats with premium facilities like lounges services, snacks and beverages and convertible beds. Wi-Fi service has also been introduced flights due to growing technology demands.

New Cabin: – It is a modified and newly designed cabin in all the international and domestic flights. This new cabin offers 20% more space than the old Skysleepar Solo seats. Sky premium is also updated and newly designed version of premium economy seats.

MAGIC: Magic is an entertainment system accessible on all the flights. Supported by the JAL Mooove! which is an entertainment channel for the latest blockbuster movies, programs, videos, audio and games. Japan Airlines Services has also decided to offer Samsung VR experience to all their passengers through Gear VR and Samsung S8.

Snacks and Beverages on Flight

We also offer delicious mouth-watering cuisines on the flight. This service also depends on the distance of your travel. Our highly talented and creative chefs are world-famous for their recipes and they will satisfy your belly with the delicious recipes. You will also find some festive surprises onboard and authentic cuisines onboard.

Lounge Service of Japan Airlines

Our Sakura Lounge is a well-known signature lounge of Japan. Inspired from the name of the cheery blossom of Japan. Here, you will find all the premium services of lounge available.

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Just contact Japan Airlines Customer Service to know the best offer in your destination. You can also go to our website for more information about our terms and services. Our experts are working hard to offer you the best experience according to your need and demand.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer staff are professionally trained to resolve all your queries related to ticketing and booking air tickets from Japan Airlines Customer Service. Just contact Japan Airlines Service to get all the professional assistance from our experts. Our experts are 24*7 available to resolve all your queries. We provide budgeted tickets on both solo and group tours.